Those days are a matter of the past when you had to survive on fruits and celery juice to burn the extra calories for weight loss; now is the time when innumerable diet trends are here to make a cut. Use the best meal prep recipe and get rid of those not-so-good love handles in no time.  

The current diet trends not just promote the feeling of fullness but also boast the ability to satiate the craving of the taste buds. The healthy and fresh meal recipes included in these trends aim to minimize the urge to overeat.  

Let’s get into the list of 5 healthy diet trends that will help you in getting in shape fast.  

  1. Keto Lite 

Let’s unfold the list with one of the buzzing diet trends of the town – Keto Lite. It is mainly the modern version of the original Keto diet that includes the protein-rich meal prep for weight loss.  

The intake of moderate fat from high-quality sources is allowed along with the low sugar with no more than 4g net carbs. A go-to ingredient in the fresh meal of the Keto diet is Whey protein that is ideal for superior health and offers nutrition benefits.  

  1. The Plant-Based Flexitarian Diet 

The second-most hottest diet rolling out on the floor these days is the Plant-Based Flexitarian Diet. As the name implies, this diet trend promotes the consumption of protein mainly derived from plant sources and thus involves meal prep recipes accordingly.  

Needless to mention, that flexitarian diet is high in fiber, water content and complex carbohydrates. Those who eat a plant-based fresh meal tend to have a lower BMI. This diet is ideal for those who want to lose some inches without adding heavy workouts to their routine.  

  1. The DASH Diet 

Are you a health-conscious person and are looking for a diet to keep heart diseases and BP problems at bay? In that case, go for meal prep recipes included in the DASH diet without thinking twice and stay fit always.  

The fresh meal includes in this modern diet trend mainly focuses on the reduction of blood pressure by limiting the intake of Sodium at 2300mg per day for the standard DASH and 1500mg, if you’ve opted for the Intensive DASH diet.  

  1. Intermittent Fasting 

Intermittent Fasting, also known as the 16:8 Diet, is listed among the most powerful ways to shed some extra pounds smoothly. It simply includes the ‘No Eating’ formula for the majority of the day to break the constant-snacking cycle of modern life.  

One can consume the fresh meal within a block of 8-hour and do fasting for the rest of 16 hours. This simply reduces the calorie intake to a great extent and thus fosters the process of weight loss.  

It includes healthy and nutrition-filled meal prep recipes so that a person can easily survive without eating for 16 hours.  

  1. The Whole Food Diet 

Inspired by our caveman ancestors, the Whole Food diet has existed for years but gained popularity in recent times. This diet includes whole-food meal prep for weight loss.  

It simply means that you’ll have to consume a majority of hunter-gathered food items like nuts, berries, wild-caught animal meat, etc. as our caveman ancestors didn’t know the farming, therefore, wheat, processed food, and corn are not included in the meal prep of The Whole Food Diet.  

The Final Word 

So, there you have it. Keep in the mind the fact that ‘Not one size fits all’ and, therefore, go for the diet that suits your health conditions fully and helps you in staying fit.