Time and time again we hear about the so-called “magic diet” that makes you lose twenty pounds in a week but we also hear that you have to go to Mexico and buy tapeworm pills for a month – how about a no. Many diets come into the spotlight of attention and more often than not it’s always the bad ones – FAD DIETS! Fad diets are typically popular for a short time and cause more harm than good. With new diets always popping up many newbies to eating healthy or dieting are often swept up in the confusion. There are countless fad diets but we will talk about three of the most common fad diets, how they do not work, and could possibly harm you.  

The first fad diet is one that I have already mentioned and no, it is not tapeworms. That fad diet has not been used since the 1400’s – hopefully. The first diet for discussion is the baby food diet. Yes, baby food for two-three meals a day. How many jars do you think you would need? 6, 7, 10? On top of that no one will get enough calories or protein to function normally throughout the day, plus where would you carry all of it? This diet is detrimental to one’s health for the lack of calories, proteins, essential vitamins, and the worst part – not satiating. 

The second fad diet is the infamous “Liquid-Only Diet”, many people fall for this as it claims to make people lose ten pounds in ten days. When you only drink water, juice, and laxatives I am sure you will lose your mind too. The lack of solid foods for so long will not only cause immediate harm but also long-term harm to your metabolism. In addition to the lack of calories and nutrients needed from food, this diet will leave anyone feeling like utter garbage, but feeling like that means it’s working, right? No, that’s called starving. 

The last fad diet on this list to avoid is the TapeWorm Diet. Yes, it has been used in the 21st century for all the wrong reasons. First, let’s get this out of the way. A tapeworm is a parasite that can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, infections, internal tissue damage, and in extreme cases death. The reason for this diet is because this parasite affects the body. The tapeworm will eat and digest some of the food you eat but it will grow. How long? Well, they can get up to twenty-five feet so you can guess how awful that is. Also, if the tapeworm is there too long surgery will probably be needed – don’t even think about it. 

So in conclusion, if you or someone you know is trying to lose weight or try a diet, recommend that they get some cheap food delivery that provides fresh and healthy meals or to google some meal prep ideas.