Oh no, the bar. The thing at the gym you do not use; is scary, heavy, and smells sometimes. Many individuals avoid this exercise because it is uncomfortable at times, and admit it, it is hard! But no need to fear the blog post is here. We will look at the bench press, 2 variations, and the great benefits this exercise has. So, without further ado, let’s push our way towards some knowledge.  

The bench press can be scary; you literally have weights that can fall on you at any moment – I have to stop watching youtube compilations of gym fails. But that is beside the point; it rarely happens. If it does, the main reasons individuals hurt themselves while bench pressing is one of two things. Either they are doing it wrong, or they used too much weight – for the likes on Instagram. So don’t worry, it won’t happen to you.  

The bench press is essentially a pushup while you are on your back; it does not get simpler than that. Next time, when you pass that bar at the gym, don’t be afraid, but if you still don’t like it or it causes problems for you – there are variations! The first variation is the dumbbell bench press. This allows the safety of dropping the weight on the floor instead of yourself. It also allows a better range of motion, so you are not stuck in a weird position, unlike a barbell. This movement is done the same way as the regular bench press with dumbbells. There is not much difference in form – it is just a laying-down pushup! The next variation that is just as beneficial is the floor press. Instead of being on a bench or machine, a person will be lying down on the floor doing the movements. Yes, lying on your back, on the floor, pressing weights up. As silly as it seems, it is safer than the traditional bench press, as it allows the safety of not overstretching and the weight not falling on you.  

So what is the benefit of the bench press anyway? It won’t make you look like the Hulk anytime soon, but it will do three important things. The first important thing is burning calories. Many of us eat cheap food delivery, meal prep, or a fresh and healthy salad. However, this compound movement will raise your heart rate and destroy calories like crazy. It tones the chest and arms while burning calories – WIN-WIN! Secondly, it fixes the upper back posture. This exercise uses a lot of muscles to stabilize, mainly the upper back. So, no hunch in your back and tone your back. That outfit you wanna wear is gonna look BOMB!! Lastly, it benefits your strength. This exercise will help you get the body goal you want a lot faster than you think. You will be one strong person, literally and metaphorically.  

To sum up, the bench press and variations are super beneficial. It helps your posture, your figure, and your overall strength. While it can be scary, it is important to go out and try it for the benefit. Be sure to check out all The Benefits Of The Big 5 to learn how these exercises can help you be the best version of yourself.